october tbr/w


Happy October!

I’m one of those people and absolutely love everything about October. It finally gets colder outside and all the leaves change color, I love horror/scary movies and shows and they just seem more fitting when it’s darker outside.

I have a lot of things planned this month. Will I do all of them? Who knows (read: probably not), but here they are.

+ the books +

I understand I’m crazy, and when you hear that I have two readathons planned for this month you’ll continue to think I’m crazy given my track record with the past readathons I’ve tried to do while coming back on contract. You are right, I am crazy. But I at least try and that’s all the matters.

The two readathons I’ll be doing this month are the Spookathon hosted by Books and Lala, and Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. Both don’t have solid TBRs from me yet but I do think that I’ll be incorporating watching dramas/movies into them as I’ve done in the past with other readathons. I will have a solidified TBR video for the Spookathon up sometime next week.

+ the dramas +

Last month I had a lot of my currently watching dramas finish, and then did a major overhaul of my currently watching list and basically put everything on hold to regroup and just clear the slate to focus on things I truly want to watch. This month, true to theme, I am focusing on horror/thriller dramas.

  • Secret Boutique-시크릿 부티크: The only show that I’ve started watching as of this post. I am really into this one, and it’s the one drama that I think I’ll keep up even if I push some of the other one’s aside for my horrorfest.

  • Extraordinary You-어쩌다 발견한 하루: I’ve been looking forward to this one, and the teasers have me hooked. I’m cheating on putting it on here, but it doesn’t start till tomorrow and I will at the very least be watching the first two episodes (I’ll probably do a First Impressions on it, so keep an eye out for that). I also talked about this in the last TBR/W post before it was pushed to this month, so this is why it isn’t below with the new dramas.

  • Bring it on Ghost-싸우자귀신아: When I was planning my October dramas, this one was at the top of my list. I just got lucky that Netflix decided to pick it up for me.

  • Strangers from Hell-타인은 지옥이다: This drama was part of the ones that I wanted to watch while airing, but pushed it to October so that I could watch after it had fully aired and it just felt like it was a better time to be watching it.

  • Master’s Sun-주군의 태양: Yes, I haven’t watched it yet. I know. I KNOW.

  • The Village Achiara’s Secret-마을 - 아치아라의 비밀: Ending off the month with a drama I’ve had on my plan to watch for years.

Now I know you’re saying to yourself, “Jessie, you can’t add more!” Well, my friend, you are wrong about me, and I am always willing to say I will add more to my watchlist whether I watch or not. But honestly, there isn’t a lot of dramas premiering this month that I’m super drawn to anyways, so I figured I would still add those one’s that I’m interested in.

October 6 Aku no Hado-悪の波動 殺人分析班スピンオフ // WOWOW (This is Japanese, no one will have it).

I saw this one scrolling the upcoming on MyDramaList and saw that Yuki Furukawa was in it. I really enjoy him in all that he does, and the premise of the show seems interesting. I haven’t seen any of the related dramas, but they all seem to deal with one murder as the center of the story.


October 7 Sherlock-シャーロック // Fuji TV (Again, another jdrama)

Who wouldn’t be interested in a Japanese version of Sherlock?


October 9 Analog Trip-아날로그 트립 // YouTube

Not a drama, but a variety show. I mean, when you pair the TVXQ guys with some of the Super Junior guys in a variety show setting there’s no way it’s not going to be good.

October 31 Nowhere Man-罪夢者 //Netflix

I’m interested in this one as it’s one of the three Taiwanese dramas that Netflix announced they’d be producing. I might be wrong, but Netflix hasn’t produced a Taiwanese drama yet. It’s fairly short at 8 episodes, so worth a look.

September TBR/W


How is it already September?

This month FLEW by. I just looked at my last TBR/W and I realized that I accomplished none of it. None. I didn’t read a single page of any of the books for the readathon that I was really excited to participate in. I barely watched dramas. What have I been doing with my life? Well, work and trying to catch up and figure out how to make my life a little less chaotic and still do the things I want, but mostly I’ve been listening to more music and getting more into kpop.

This comes from a place where music is just more accessible for me to enjoy while I’m doing the things in life I have to (still not good enough at Korean to have dramas playing in the background), but also a little bit because I’ve been trying to avoid drama…drama. I’m kind of tired of constantly seeing people complain about things and harping on them for post after post, or saying pretty terrible things about actors just because they don’t enjoy their acting (or what is very obvious the character/director’s wishes). Kpop has just become my safe spot of sorts. It’s also just so easy to consume content that is only ten minutes here and there as opposed to an hour and a half for one episode.

So that’s why you are seeing me get more vocal about kpop if you follow me on my social media. It’s always been a thing I liked (I started listening to kpop/Asian music in high school), I just kept my timeline more focused on drama talk, but that’s been changing and it’s been actually a lot of fun. This doesn’t mean I’m stopping watching and talking about dramas. I still am (it would be a little problematic since I’m on a podcast where we talk about dramas), but I might not talk a lot about them. Or chances are I’m not watching dramas that you are interested in; I’m rarely watching what my timeline is.

I’m going to continue to work on a good pattern for my life and not worry about not meeting the standards I set for myself in regards to what I watch, but I still want to talk about what I want to accomplish and that is why I’m still going to be doing these TBR/Ws. It’s also just in my nature to plan things, and this fits that bill.

+ the books +

I was tempted to participate in the Raven Cycle readalong that is happening this month hosted by Books and Lala, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fit any sort of readathon in this month. I don’t have any books specifically that I want to read, but I do plan on fitting at least two books in this month in some way.

+ the dramas +

Here’s some of my currently watching shows that either haven’t finished, or I want to chip away at more than my other on hold shows:

Not a lot of dramas premiering this month that I’m super into, but there are several that are interesting…and almost all are premiering on the same day. Apparently September 18th is the day that Jessie will be watching new shows.

September 18 July Found By Chance-어쩌다 발견한 하루 // MBC (Viki/Kocowa)

The cast on this high school drama is pretty solid, and I love the premise of a high school student finding out they are actually a web comic character. I think this one will be cute, and sometimes it’s nice to have that type of drama in the mix.


September 18 Secret Boutique-시크릿 부티크 // SBS (Maybe Kocowa?)

This one just looks like it will be super interesting. Don't know too much about it, but the posters have been gorgeous so I’m expecting the drama to also be that way. Also, this trailer is kind of amazing even if I have no clue what they are saying.

September 18 When Cameillia Blooms-동백꽃 필 무렵 // KBS2 (No one yet)

I’m only sort of interested in this drama, as I like the cast. It’s being labeled as a romantic comedy thriller. I just. What?

September 28 Melting Me Softly-날 녹여주오 // tvN (Viki)

I’ve talked about this drama in several Weekly Roundups and have mentioned that the story for this one doesn’t intrigue me, which still is very true (especially since they’ve released the promo poster for it…wow). But the cast is getting me. I love Won Jin Ah and Yoon Se Ah. I’m really in it for those two.

I hope that you’ll bare with me as this blog keeps being sporadic, but no matter how much or how little I do with it, it’s fun for me and I’ll keep trying to create more content. Also follow me on twitter if you are into random tweets about both dramas and music.

August TBR/W

tbrw aug.jpg

Things have been a little crazy this past week or two and I haven’t actually had a lot of time to sit down and really figure out my TBR/W for the month, so this month I will just stick to written form and forgo doing a video as well.

+ the books +

I have decided to participate (or try to participate) in one readathon this month: the Mythathon. There are a number of ways to do this readathon, but the most appealing part of it was that it’s for the entire month. I probably won’t be able to pick up a book till at least next week, so this really is the perfect readathon for me to be doing right now. You can find the announcement video here. I will be on Oya Team Air headed by The Novel Lush.

These are the challenges:

  1. Oya is the Orisha of wind and storms - read a book that takes place under hostile weather conditions: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

  2. Oya is the Goddess of Death and Renewal - read a book where a character must reinvent themselves: Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh. This is going to be combined with the Certified Noonas Book Club pick.

  3. Oya is of the Yoruba tribe where women do not hunt - but she became a fierce warrior anyway. Read a book about an unconventional woman: Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

  4. Oya has 9 children and her lucky number is 9 - read a book with a number in the title: A Thousand Beginnings and Endings edited by Ellen Oh

  5. Group Book: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin

+ the dramas +

I have a couple of stragglers left over that are still currently airing that I’m still watching. I won’t put the ones that I’ve let fallen that I’m probably going to marathon at strange times. Here are my top returning ones:

There aren’t a crazy amount of new dramas this month, but there are a few that I will be trying to track down and find time to at least watch and feel out if I want to keep them or keep them in mind for a later time.

August 5 I Wanna Hear Your Song-너의 노래를 들려줘 // KBS2 (Viki)

I honestly am only interested in this one because I just don’t know what it’s suppossed to be. I thought it was going to be lighthearted, but it’s a thriller?

August 8 The Naked Director-全裸監督 // Netflix

This one, while probably not something I would go for, is a show that I’m going to try out because I just want to support more jdramas on the bigger stations. It’s Netflix produced, so I’m assuming that all the episodes will be released at once.

August 9 Be Melodramatic-멜로가 체질 // jTBC (Viki)

This was actually on my list for last month, and it got pushed back to this month. Still really interested in it. I enjoy these types of dramas so I’m hopeful that this one will be a good one to have on rotation.

August 31 Hell is Other People-타인은 지옥이다 // OCN (No word on subs)

Im Siwan. Lee Dong Wook. Dark and creepy. OCN. Did we expect me not try this one out?

tbr/w: july + koreadathon

tbr/w: july + koreadathon

I can’t believe that it is already the end of the month. This month flew by fast and I’m not really prepared for it.

This month is going to be slightly crazy, as it’s my last month off contract and I will be trying to get everything I possibly can done during the days when I have the most amount of free time. I’m also participating in two different readathons, and the amount of shows premiering this month is slightly insane.

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books. dramas. wine.

One thing that may not be known about me is that I’ve had a Youtube channel for a very long time. It has gone through it’s ups and downs of times of activity. My channel started as a weight loss channel, and even though I added some other things along the way (vlogs, and a few attempts at different content that never stuck), I just couldn’t get back into it like when I first started it. For the past two years, I’ve done little to nothing on the channel. I just stopped making things.

I focused more on the wkd twitter account, sometimes this blog, and then the majority of the rest of my free time went to the podcast. Inherently, it takes a lot of time to keep up with the podcast. We have shows we watch for specific episodes, and top that with the other shows I watch along with editing episodes, a lot of my time has gone to that. I’ve stopped doing some of the things I love in favor of it. Which was fine, for a while, but I’ve been wanting to find a way to do the podcast but also work on my creative things. I wanted to make videos again, I just didn’t know how. Weight loss videos were not my thing anymore. They didn’t help me creatively, and were slightly negative to my mental health. But there was this nostalgia attached to the channel only being about that for as long as it has been that was preventing me from moving on.

Until after one random chat with the Noonas where we were discussing Pride and Prejudice, it clicked. Along with not doing videos, I’ve also stopped reading as much as I used to. Reading has always been a love of mine, but it is always the first thing that I will give up in favor of other interests. Throughout the years I’ve wanted to get back into finding myself lost in a good book and being able to incorporate times of reading even while doing other things. So I suggested a book club. It was something that I wanted to do, but knew that the other ladies were already into reading I thought suggesting it would be good. I get to read more, and it can be combined with the podcast, it seemed like the perfect way to mesh what I wanted to do together.

book club announcement.jpg

And then, as most random plans do (and our moment of collective motivation to do everything), I was thinking about fun things that this book club meant I mentioned a fun bookish video idea. In reality I’ve been wanting to incorporate book videos into my channel for a while, but it just felt weird if they weren’t on topic or it being the sole purpose of the channel. I watch a lot of booktube, and I’ve always thought how much it is similar to the drama watching community. We all have dramas to be watched, books to read. We all have our favorite genre, we jump at giving recommendations to anyone and anything. That’s when it kind of clicked.

So, here I am officially introducing my new channel direction where I combine my love of dramas, the want to make the time for books, and the need to work on videos again. It feels nice to have finally found something that I’m excited for. It just seems like I’ve been throwing ideas at a wall for such a long time, and having none of it stick, and then this happened so naturally and seems like so much fun. I had a good time with my old videos (10 years!), but it’s time to do something different.

So, if you are like me and really love Asian dramas and also books follow along here. Here’s to new and fun projects!