Just a 30-something who has a (slight) obsession with Korean and Japanese dramas who wants to just drink wine and talk to about them.

I got into Korean dramas somewhat accidentally. I spent a lot of high school really into anime and after years of school and work I decided one day to finally start learning Japanese instead of just wishing I had started. I knew some of the language, because of anime and music so I knew that getting back into it was must to help me out the most, since I still knew a good bit of the language that I learned using only those sources.

While looking for J-dramas, I got hooked onto K-dramas...and the rest is history. Here I am now not studying as much Japanese as I am Korean (I blame the lack of accessible Japanese dramas and the abundance of accessible Korean dramas. Do you know how hard it is to study Japanese but spend hours watching something in Korean? It's hard) and feeling the need to share my feelings about shows: to discuss further and just generally talk about a hobby of mine. I can only talk to my friends who don't care about what happened on a drama last night - but are nice enough to sit through me talk about - so much.

I created this blog to not only share my feelings about the shows that I'm watching and those that I have already watched, but to also have a space where I can make sense out of what's jumbled in my brain through reviews, extra looks at characters and motivation, and behind the scenes when possible.

Here you'll find reviews/first impressions of not only Korean dramas, but Japanese dramas, variety shows, movies, and the occasional anime.

I'm really not into recaps, so don't expect them.

Want me to review a specific show, or know of one that I have to watch? Let me know by using the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by.

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