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Happy October!

I’m one of those people and absolutely love everything about October. It finally gets colder outside and all the leaves change color, I love horror/scary movies and shows and they just seem more fitting when it’s darker outside.

I have a lot of things planned this month. Will I do all of them? Who knows (read: probably not), but here they are.

+ the books +

I understand I’m crazy, and when you hear that I have two readathons planned for this month you’ll continue to think I’m crazy given my track record with the past readathons I’ve tried to do while coming back on contract. You are right, I am crazy. But I at least try and that’s all the matters.

The two readathons I’ll be doing this month are the Spookathon hosted by Books and Lala, and Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. Both don’t have solid TBRs from me yet but I do think that I’ll be incorporating watching dramas/movies into them as I’ve done in the past with other readathons. I will have a solidified TBR video for the Spookathon up sometime next week.

+ the dramas +

Last month I had a lot of my currently watching dramas finish, and then did a major overhaul of my currently watching list and basically put everything on hold to regroup and just clear the slate to focus on things I truly want to watch. This month, true to theme, I am focusing on horror/thriller dramas.

  • Secret Boutique-시크릿 부티크: The only show that I’ve started watching as of this post. I am really into this one, and it’s the one drama that I think I’ll keep up even if I push some of the other one’s aside for my horrorfest.

  • Extraordinary You-어쩌다 발견한 하루: I’ve been looking forward to this one, and the teasers have me hooked. I’m cheating on putting it on here, but it doesn’t start till tomorrow and I will at the very least be watching the first two episodes (I’ll probably do a First Impressions on it, so keep an eye out for that). I also talked about this in the last TBR/W post before it was pushed to this month, so this is why it isn’t below with the new dramas.

  • Bring it on Ghost-싸우자귀신아: When I was planning my October dramas, this one was at the top of my list. I just got lucky that Netflix decided to pick it up for me.

  • Strangers from Hell-타인은 지옥이다: This drama was part of the ones that I wanted to watch while airing, but pushed it to October so that I could watch after it had fully aired and it just felt like it was a better time to be watching it.

  • Master’s Sun-주군의 태양: Yes, I haven’t watched it yet. I know. I KNOW.

  • The Village Achiara’s Secret-마을 - 아치아라의 비밀: Ending off the month with a drama I’ve had on my plan to watch for years.

Now I know you’re saying to yourself, “Jessie, you can’t add more!” Well, my friend, you are wrong about me, and I am always willing to say I will add more to my watchlist whether I watch or not. But honestly, there isn’t a lot of dramas premiering this month that I’m super drawn to anyways, so I figured I would still add those one’s that I’m interested in.

October 6 Aku no Hado-悪の波動 殺人分析班スピンオフ // WOWOW (This is Japanese, no one will have it).

I saw this one scrolling the upcoming on MyDramaList and saw that Yuki Furukawa was in it. I really enjoy him in all that he does, and the premise of the show seems interesting. I haven’t seen any of the related dramas, but they all seem to deal with one murder as the center of the story.


October 7 Sherlock-シャーロック // Fuji TV (Again, another jdrama)

Who wouldn’t be interested in a Japanese version of Sherlock?


October 9 Analog Trip-아날로그 트립 // YouTube

Not a drama, but a variety show. I mean, when you pair the TVXQ guys with some of the Super Junior guys in a variety show setting there’s no way it’s not going to be good.

October 31 Nowhere Man-罪夢者 //Netflix

I’m interested in this one as it’s one of the three Taiwanese dramas that Netflix announced they’d be producing. I might be wrong, but Netflix hasn’t produced a Taiwanese drama yet. It’s fairly short at 8 episodes, so worth a look.

Certified Genres: Variety

We were a little bit loose this week and didn’t have anything planned to watch, so we ended up with a new monthly feature. We listed a bunch of genres, picked one out of a jar, and discussed our favorite show from the genre. We drew variety shows this week:

We also spent some time discussing what we have been watching. Happy listening!

Time Codes:

:00 Intro

1:23 What we are watching

42:36 Genre game #1: Variety

1:18:00 Outro

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