weekly roundup // 10.20.19


Since I had a three day weekend, I had a little bit more time to be able to forgo the bi-weekly posting schedule I’ve been doing on these lately. There was also a good bit of news to talk about, so I’m glad I was able to get it in this week.


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: None

Music I’ll be checking out: NU’EST, VAV (21), Day6, Taeyeon (22), Winner (23), Goo Hara, Jackson (25), Jessica (26).


Lee Hyun Woo was discharged on the 19th.


-Song Ji Hyo is in talks for JTBC drama, Begin Again.

-Kim Tae Hee confirmed to have been considering offer for a tvN drama. If she accepts, it’ll be her first drama in 5 years.

-Kim Soo Hyun might be? starring in new tvN drama, Psycho But It’s Okay.

-Yoo Seung Ho in talks for mystery drama, Memorist.

-Lee David to join the cast of Itaewon Class.


-SuperM the Beginning

SuperM will be releasing a show that will include behind the scenes content from their preparations and performances here, and include their first Korean concert. Looks like it’ll be done kind of in the style that KBS used to do when following debut groups, which I always loved and will be definitely watch.


I don’t want to talk much about this, as it is something I don’t feel like I can mentally do, but I did want to leave this piece that Jeff Benjamin wrote for Billboard about Sulli. She deserves to be known for what she contributed to this world.

-Brown Eyed Girls

Since their comeback is soon, I thought this article was a good one for anyone who doesn’t know the group that well.

-Caution Hazardous Wife

There will be a movie of the jdrama, Caution Hazardous Wife. I didn’t watch the drama because I was spoiled to basically every plot of the first season, but I know that a lot of people really enjoyed it.


Webtoon and Crunchyroll have teamed up to produce new animated content based on Webtoon’s catalog.

-SuperM Interview

A fun interview with SuperM.

-Park Na Rae Comedy Show

Park Na Rae will be hosting a new standup comedy show that will not only feature comedians, but actors and other professionals.

-Studio Ghibli

It was announced that all of Studio Ghibli films will be available for streaming on HBO Max in spring of 2020

-Busted Season 2

Busted is coming back and I can not wait. The first season was a lot of fun.


The great Sanrio cartoon, Aggretsuko, is getting a comic book series!

-Korean Female Filmmakers

Nice article about how female filmmakers from S Korea are finally having their works being recognized


The kdrama Live is getting an American adaption.

-Lee Chan Hyuk

Lee Chan Hyuk (AKMU)’s debut novel tops bestseller lists


-A+ to the editor of this Extraordinary You compilation. Perfect.


bi-weekly roundup // 9.29.19


I don’t know if it's my busy schedule, or just the time of the year, but it seemed like here wasn’t that much in the way of news these past two weeks until I actually started making the list. It must be because of the amount of music comeback news we’ve gotten in comparison. Lots of casting news.


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: Extraordinary You (2), Aku No Hado (6), Sherklock (7), Analog Trip (9)

Music I’ll be checking out: Chen (1), Super M (4), ONF (7), ATEEZ (8), Ladies Code (10)


-Lee Hongki (FTISLAND) enlists tomorrow, the 30th

-B Bomb (Block B) enlists on the 10th of October.


-Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon are confirmed for the JTBC drama I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice.

-Shin Ye Eun and L confirmed for KBS2 drama Welcome.

-Lee Jong Hyuk cast in the US movie Treadstone.

-Lim Ju Hwan cast in The Game: Towards Zero.

-Youngsaeng (SS501) was cast in the musical Every Moment Was You.

-Hani (EXID) making acting debut in movie Elders Don’t Know, also in talks for a web drama.

-Lee Sung Min and Nam Joo Hyuk cast in film Remember.

-Jun (UKISS) and Stephanie Lee cast in KBS drama Na Rae Kicking Out.

-Oh Ji Ho, Ye Ji Won, Park Se Wan, and Kwak Dong Yeon cast in KBS’s No Second Chance.

-So Ji Sub And Kim Yoon Jin star in movie Confession.

-Park Shin Hye and Cho Seung Woo in talks for JTBC Sisyphus: The Myth.


-OST-Book Variety Show

JTBC announced a new variety show where they will challenge guests to write an OST for their favorite books. Sign me up, I’m going to definitely track this one when it comes out.


Superfly is a great Japanese group and have just announced that they are coming out with an album in January of next year. One of their song’s was featured in a jdrama I had been watching and it made me miss them even more.

-Serial Killer

The serial killer who had been uncaught for more than 30 years, and the inspiration for charcters in drama like Signal, has finally been found.

-King Gnu

I’ve REALLY gotten into the Japanese group King Gnu this past year. They just won Best Video Award at the MTV VMAJs

-Netflix Original Drama

Netflix announced that they will be producing a new medical kdrama, Made to Heaven, written by Yoon Ji Ryun (Boys Over Flowers) .


It’s Youtube corner again! This time it’s Kyla from the group Pristin, Hyuna, and my ult bias Solji from EXID

-Busted 2

We know the premiere date for the second season of the Netflix variety show, Busted!

-Tune in For Love

The movie will be airing on Netflix


None, but have you seen my last music post?


Podcast: Certified Trot

The first week of the month we dedicate our episode to music, and this week we chose to talk about trot.

If you aren’t aware of what trot is or just haven’t dived into it, hopefully this episode will spark your interest in this music genre. Kpop isn’t the only music coming out of Korea that you should be listening to.

For all the music episodes I make a massive Youtube playlist to accompany it. Any video that we talk about (that is available to find) is in the list, in order. It really helps if you want to see the clips we are referencing, or the music we individually like. I also threw in some extras at the end:

We also have a Spotify playlist:

Time Codes:

:00 What watching/news/coming up

25:07 Game

27:52 Trot talk