music mondays: 10.7.19


‘tis the beginning of the month of insanity, and it’s already hitting hard. Here’s some of the music I’ve been liking, there will be plenty more considering it’s only the first week of October .

-Jackson Wang’s ‘Bullet to the Heart’ is soooo good. Like, repeat multiple times a day good. The song is really great, but the mv really adds a whole other level to it.

-I’ve been slowly going through Ken Kamikita’s older music and videos and stumbled upon his cover of Radwimp’s ‘Nandemonaiya’. He does some great covers, I really love his voice.

-It’s really no surprise that AKMU’s newest comeback was perfect. ’How Can I Love the Heartbreak…’ is beautiful. The whole album is definitely worth a listen. But we all expected this from AKMU.

-Been really into Miyuna’s ‘缶ビール’ this past week.

-Men Envy Children came out with a new mv for ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’. Their music is always so much fun, I really haven’t found a Men Envy Children song I haven’t liked.

-I still love all things Dreamcatcher and won’t stop promoting. My favorite reactors, Classical Musicians React (React to the K), reacted to ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Silent Night’. It’s worth a watch if you are into music, because they point out a lot of the stylistic music elements that are present in the songs.

-Watch as DAY6 tries to guess the lyrics on some songs…but really it’s just Jae answering them.

-TK from Ling tosite Sigure came out with ‘Melt’ featuring suis from Yorushika. I’ve always liked TK (and Ling tosite Sigure) and you should all know how I feel about Yorushika, so there really was no surprise when I saw this collab that it wouldn’t be good.

-Dami is amazing and perfect and now the first of the girl’s to put out a solo that isn’t just a cover AND it’s written by her. Go listen to it’s beauty on repeat, please.

-Who doesn’t want to watch more Monsta X and Oli content?

-Super Junior hasn’t even officially comeback yet and they are gracing us with mvs like this one? Stop it.