weekly roundup // 9.15.19


I’m very sporadic on these weekly roundups, and I feel like I’m explaining that every time I post. I’m going to be trying out doing these every other week to see if that fits into my schedule more. I enjoy doing these, because it forces me in a way to really keep on top of what’s out there and I do enjoy that aspect of being able to see what’s going on news wise in Hallyuland.


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: Secret Boutique and When Camellia Blooms (18)

Music I’ll be checking out: Seventeen (16), Dreamcatcher (18), VIXX (19)


Didn’t see any.


-Daniel Henney has been cast in the newest Wheel of Time adaption.

-Momoland’s Yeonwoo will join Channel A’s Touch.

-9.9 Billion Woman has confirmed cast with Cho Yeo Jeong, Kim Kang Woo, Oh Na Ra, and Yoo Young Jae.

-Kim Jaejoong announced that he had to pull out of the Korean remake of Jane the Virgin.

-Son Ho Jun to start in comedy movie Stella.

-Lee Sung Kyun in talks to star in second season of Romantic Doctor Kim.



Another day, another couple of new Youtube channels. This time it’s Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ye Seul’s turn.

-Black Culture in Korea

This is an interesting article taking a look at South Korea’s entertainment system and it’s appropriation of black culture.

-Stranger Season 2

Stranger/Secret Forest was announced that it would be returning for a second season. At this point, everyone has been confirmed onboard for the project except for Bae Doona.

-Academy Awards

The film Parasite has been officially entered for International Film award at the Academy Awards.


Along with Amber, Victoria announced her departure from SM.

-Netflix Content

Netflix is set to release a good amount of Korean content soon that includes some Originals and some specials like Park Na Rae’s comedy special and Busted season 2.

-SKY Castle Remake

There is talks for US remake of the drama SKY Castle. I know most are mixed, but this is one of the few remakes that I’ve heard of that makes sense. Not only do I think it can play directly or slightly with what is happened in the news with school scandals, it is a story that just can be adapted really well to a Western culture that to me just works.

-Viki Dramas

In case you missed it, Variety put out an article about Viki’s lineup. While the article’s information is almost entirely dated (there’s a list of new dramas that include things that Viki already has completely subbed and no new to me upcoming shows), it does provide a little more insight as to Viki’s reasonings and business choices in what they’ve been picking up.

-Monsta X

This is a really thoughtful and well written article about Monsta X and the journalist’s experience with them.

-Episode Cap

The NRTA has announced plans to cap cdramas episode numbers down to 40 episodes to combat dragging seasons. I’m not a Chinese drama watcher, but I do know that a lot of times the amount of episodes can effect the overall drama.

-Analog Trip

YT Premium show Analog Trip with the guys from TVXQ and some of the members of Super Junior has been announced premiering on Oct 9th

-Seoul Drag Queens

Interesting article on the growing number of drag queens in Korea and their role as activists.


-This is a really sweet video from the React Channel that had ATEEZ coming to surprise some of the reactors after they reacted to their music. A lot of the reactors were fans, and it’s just a really sweet moment seeing them interact

-Wheenin’s Goodbye MV and song are both gorgeous

-More Monsta X and Oli goodness

-Dreamcatcher released the MV for their newest Japanese single, Breaking Out