weekly roundup // basically all of august


I’ve been slacking on updating all the news that I’ve found interesting for the past couple of weeks, between starting back at work (and my life of unlimited free hours went away), the Monsta X concert/Noonas camping trip, and just general life stuff I haven’t been able to find the rhythm of incorporating the news posts and let it slip last month. BUT I have been keeping up with the news this month fairly regularly so I figured I would do a post of all of the especially interesting ones to catch up on everything (and I can clear out all of these bookmarks).

On to the news!


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: None

Music I’ll be checking out: Simon Dominic (2), Mamamoo’s WheeIn (4), CLC (6)


-100% Hyukjin began on the 26th of August.

-Lee Hong Ki from FTISLAND will enlist on Sep 30th,

-Crush mentioned that he would be enlisting some time next year.


*I know I said I was moving them to links last post, but I figured I would still separate them out. However I’m still only talking about those that interest me and not every casting I see.

-Park Min Young and Kang Seo Joon

The two are in talks to lead a JTBC drama. This information was released at the beginning of last month, but no new word.

-Nichkhun Horror Film

I couldn’t find a proper English link so the announcement on twitter will have to do. Nichkhun from 2PM is currently filming in the Thai-horror film Cracked.

-Kim Seul Gi

The adorable Kim Seul Gi has signed on to the upcoming show, People with Flaws.

-Jung Hae Jin and Chae Soo Bin

The pair has been cast in the new tvN drama Half of Half.

-Lee Sang Yeob

Lee Sang Yeob has confirmed casting for the kdrama Good Casting.


-Naver Manipulation

Basically ripped out of Search WWW, Naver potentially manipulated searches during the YG scandal. Important note: Naver is a YG investor.

-Jimin Park leaves JYP

Finally Jimin Park is free of the basement that is in JYP and has left the company after her contract expired. If you haven’t listened to her I highly suggest you do. She has a really great voice and her songs are great. Check out her parting MV down in the videos.

-Monsta X Jimmy Kimmel

The day I got back home, Monsta X performed on Jimmy Kimmel which is really great and wonderful, except for the fact that French Montana, who is on their English song ‘Who Do You Love’ forgot his part during the performance. There have been talk about how he was also drunk, showed up late, and generally being a terrible person with no respect to Monsta X nor the staff of Jimmy Kimmel. The worst part about this is second rapper (legitimately talented-English-speaking), I.M, literally has no part in this song because of French Montana. Sigh.

-S Korea/Japan Trade

I’m going to be completely honest as I don’t follow this international news much, but I did want to bring this up in the list. South Korea has removed Japan from it’s list of trusted trading partners. There is a good article up on Japan Times that incorporates what this could mean in terms of kpop and how the fans are reacting


So many more YouTube channels are coming out. Dowoon from Day6 has opened up a YouTube channel. Jisoo also opened up one. He’s our podcast mascot, how am I not going to bring up Jisoo’s youtube? And finally Ryeowook from Super Junior announced he would be opening up one soon.

-BTS Drama

BigHit announced that BTS’s universe is being turned into a drama. The coming of age drama will not be starring the boys.

-Monsta X I.M

This is a really great piece that highlights I.M’s position while the boys have been touring in the states. As the most fluent in English member, he’s had to step up. It’s a good piece and I.M deserved the shoutout.

-Taiwanese Dramas

Netflix has officially announced the dates for the Taiwanese dramas Triad Princess and The Ghost Bridge airing on their platform. Both have a card up on Netflix (US) so no worries on finding them. Always down for more Jasper Liu dramas.

-TMI News

There was an episode of the Korean show TMI News that had some idol guest on talking about invasion of privacy and how horrible it can be. This twitter thread has a good translation of it. Earlier in the month Heechul talked about what he has to do because of the invasion of his privacy and how much it effects his life.

-Lee Jong Hyun

The trash is out my friends. The trash has been taken out.

-Top 10 Static Shots of Power Lines With Cicada Noises

Really, this is the content I want to see.

-Amber Liu

Amber from f(x) officially has ended her contract with SM after ten years. While I love f(x) and always wanted them to comeback, this is the best move for her. SM has been doing nothing with the group, nor with Amber and she’s been having to do all the work. Excited to see what she does in the future.


-Jimin Park’s ‘Stay Beautiful’ MV.

-Video of 2NE1 practicing that Kanauru took back in 2010.

-IU’s hair stylist talks about the looks she’s doing for her in Hotel Del Luna.

-Siyeon’s cover of ‘Eraser’ is too good.

-I really need you all to be listening to Tablo’s podcast. Here’s a clip of the most recent episode.

-Want to die of Monsta X with adorable kid cuteness?

-I don’t watch Bollywood (or any Indian content), but this series on Netflix India is so good that you don’t need any background to enjoy.

-This Dreamcatcher stage mix is insane.