weekly roundup // 7.7.19



Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: Level Up (10), Hotel del Luna (13)

Music I’ll be checking out: Heize (7), Bump of Chicken (10)


Kim Soo Hyun was discharged on the 1st

D.O. (EXO) enlisted on the 1st

TOP was discharged on the 6th


AOA’s Yunha confirmed for web drama Love Equation 11M.

Choi Woo Sik in talks for new movie with Suzy, Wonderland.

tvN D will launch a new variety show Night of Blanket Kicks on July 18th with ASTRO MJ & Sanha as hosts

Yeom Jungah, Yoon Seah, and Park Sodam have officially been confirmed for the all female-cast of 3 Meals A Day.

Jeon Jong Seo confirmed to start in film with Kate Hudson, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.

Kang Hong Suk joined Hotel del Luna.

CLC’s Kwon Eunbun reported to be cast in Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful .

Eun Jiwon and Kim Jong Min join the cast of the new MBC variety show, Naturally.


-More Youtube

Jung So Min opened a Youtube channel, as well as Leeteuk from Super Junior we all know how much I like those.


I love Dreamcatcher, and they are highly underrated for their talent and how great their songs are. You should go watch them! They finally announced their official colors.

-Min Hee Jin

Min Hee Jin, formally of SM, joins Big Hit as CBO. There are talks that she will forming a new girl group, which doesn’t seem correct given that Big Hit has been highly unsupportive of girl groups and females in their company in general after their last girl group.

-Day 6

Rock group Day 6 announced a world tour and shared teasers for their photobook.

-JYP Acting

JYP might be closing their acting division. I am wondering if this is the main reason why both Taecyeon and Suzy left the company. JYP has some major idols still working heavily under their acting side. Jin Young (GOT7) was just in He is Psychometric, and Junho & Chansung (2PM) both work heavily as actors, though in the military now. JYP has not confirmed it, but has stated to be considering.

-S Korea-India Partnership Drama

I missed this entirely when it came out, but I think it’s beneficial to share that South Korea and India have been working on a join drama based on Her Hwang ok, Queen of Gaya. It is set to be released next year.


This has since been corrected that they aren’t in talks, but considering that statement was only prompted after the insane backlash that this received it was in some form of talks to remake the hit award winning indie film, Parasite for Western audiences. Because God forbid there aren’t white faces speaking non-English on our screens

-Korea and Musicals

I talk slightly about musicals on here, but with my limited reading and comprehension of Korean, it’s hard to fully look for information as most of the Western media does not care, however musicals in Korea are a pretty huge and luckily there are places like Musciaholics site that is translated some of those articles. This one is a fascinating look into the rise of musicals in the recent years.


-Ailee is back with Room Shaker

-New MV from Men Envy Children

-D.O.’s parting solo is really sweet

-Also, I’ve been really liking Punch’s new song, Love Me