weekly roundup 7.21.19



Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: Moment of Eighteen, My First First Love part 2

Music I’ll be checking out: Chanyeol/Sehun (22), Kang Daniel, Woosung (The Rose) (25)


-BIA4’s Baro enlisted on the 10th

-Lee So Hyuk was discharged on the 17th


-Kim Jung Hyun returns for Crashing Into Love

-Cho Jung Seok cast in Wise Doctor Life

-Jo Yoon Hee and Yoon Park as leads for Beautiful Love Wonderful Life

-Jun Hyun Moo and Park Na Rae on a new JTBC variety show, Hurry Up and Talk

-Seo In Ah and Kim Jae Young confirmed for Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful

-Lee Joon Gi to appeared on Hotel Del Luna

-Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi and Yoo Jae Myung confirmed for Itaewon Class

-Song Joong Ki cast in movie Bogota

-Kim Young Kwang confirmed for spy movie, Mission Possible

-Yoo In Young cast in Good Casting

-Ma Dong Suk confirmed for the movie Marvel movie The Eternals !!!


-Serial Experiments Lain

The anime will be open source allowing fans to create content.

-Tomita Mayu

Tomita Mayu was stabbed around 60 times by a fan, she is now filing a law suit against the police and her agency in their failure to protect her. She filed claims multiple times before the incident occurred. I applaud her bravery in stepping up and speaking about this and forcing people to see that this needs to change.


Louis Vuitton officially pulled out from YG investors. They will also have to return some money to the company. YG has also been booked on suspicions of prostitution mediation.

-JYP Actors

I mentioned this before, but it’s been confirmed by more than one agency that JYP is shutting down their acting division. There are a number of idols working as actors in the division that have been doing well, and I’m wondering how this is going to effect things. I especially worry for my 2PM guys.

-Staff Not Paid

This is an increasingly common situation where staff is not being paid after a production wraps up and is disgusting and it shouldn’t be tolerated. While it happens to actors as well, the production staff usually takes the brunt of it. Human Arts, the company that is failing to pay, has reportedly done this multiple times.


Trash, trash, trash

-Yeo Jin Goo

Nice article at Forbes talking about Yeo Jin Goo and his successful year.

-Train to Busan Director

The director for Train to Busan will be returning as a writer for the drama Method. It sounds like something I would watch, and I’m looking forward to it

-Kyoto Animation Fire

Kyoto Animation was set fire by an arsonist who held a grudge against the studio. 33 people died in the attack. Kyoto Animation does a lot of really good work, but they are also known as a top animation studio because of their respect of the staff. Working conditions are better than most, and the studio hires more females than most. It’s a really sad disaster.

-Taec and Chan

Taecyeon visited Chansung in the military and they are just so sweet and adorable.


-Stranger Things as an 80’s anime is the mashup I didn’t know I needed until it was made:

-What’s that, my bias from Dreamcatcher with a special video? Yeeessss

-Amber was on the YouTube news channel JKNews and talked a bit about the industry

-Day6’s new release is really great and you should all be listening to it

-Weathering With You has premiered so that means we got the OST and Radwimps just put out an official MV for the title song