Weekly Roundup // 6.23.19


No video this week, as I’ve decided to try doing more of a monthly wrap up/top news video instead of trying to get the video up every week. I fear that it’s just not sustainable for me to do and keep up with, especially when I go back on contract but I will keep up with these weekly posts.


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: None.

Music I’ll be checking out: Chungha (24), G-IDLE, Ken Kamikita (26), Sulli (29).


B1A4’S Jin Young enlisted on the 20th as a public social worker.


-Kim Hye Soo (Signal) confirmed for the movie, The Day I Died.

-Lee Yo Won (Different Dreams) and Choi Gwi Hwa (Suits) confirmed for OCN’s Running Investigators.

-Japanese actor, Yamashita Tomohisa, to star in Hulu drama, The Head. He will be playing an English speaking role. Although this isn’t a jdrama, I am a fan of Yamapi, and a joint project between Europe and Japan. Hulu has been attached to other jdramas and am hopeful that they will eventually be incorporating those into the international areas.

-Kim Kyun Nam and Jung Eun Chae (The Guest) confirmed for The King: The Eternal Monarch. I loved Kyun Nam in Come and Hug Me. This cast is going to be stellar.

-My Love from the Star PD Jang Tae Yoo will be directing the drama, Hyena. Song Hye Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon have previously been offered roles.

-Park Won Sang (Item) and Jang So Yeon (Secret Life of My Secretary) confirmed for MBC's upcoming drama Welcome 2 Life.

-Yun Jong Seok (The Crowned Clown) confirmed for Everyone Lies.

-Kwak Dong Yeon (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) in talks for lead in MBC’s No Second Chance. This would be his first leading role.

-Yum Jung Ah and Yoon Se Ah (SKY Castle) in talks to join the second season of the variety show The Meals a Day. It will be an all female cast, and I am here for it.


-The Divine Fury

Trailer for Park Seo Joon’s movie The Divine Fury was released. I know when it was released everyone was super excited for it. I’m just meh.

-Love Alarm

Netflix produced Love Alarm to premiere soon. They have been labeling this as season 1, so I’m going to assume that it’s going to be a weirdly split drama. Sigh.

-Silver Spoon

The Russian tv series, Silver Spoon will be getting a Korean remake.

-Japanese Game of Thrones

Netflix is producing what is being labeled as the ‘Japanese Game of Thrones’. Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan is going to be in a docu-drama format and co-produced by Smithsonian Canada. Looks like it could be super interesting. I’m not too familiar with Japanese history, so it could be a good medium to learn something.

-Glass Ceiling

In lieu of YG’s new CEO, give this link a read.


Ateez had their first music show win this week. Yay! So adorable.


An Australian tv show did a segment that was geared to attack BTS. While there were parts that were just more mean than anything else, it was extremely racist and homophobic. There is a way to make fun and not do what they did, it just show’s laziness, and lack of actual comedic talent.


-I finally completed Love Myself or You, a Taiwanese dramas starring Jasper Liu. When I first started watching it I found out that he’s in a group called Morning Call that I really like. In honor of finishing the show, here’s one of their songs:

-I’m getting more into c-pop, and have been loving everything that I’ve heard from the group Men Envy Children:

-NCT 127 took a BuzzFeed quiz…to find out which member of NCT 127 they were:

-NCT is on a massive social media round, and a couple of the members did a video with the guys from the Korean Englishmen. It’s a great video, and if you haven’t watched anything from them I highly recommend their channel. I’ve been watching for years and it never disapoints.

-JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) came out with a single, Dear. Rude, featuring CHEETAH and both the song and video are INCREDIBLE. Favorite song of the month by far.

-Siyeon from Dreamcatcher did a cover of Speechless from the new Aladdin movie and it’s so good.