Weekly Roundup // 5-5-19


The Weekly roundup is baaaaaaaaaack! These are just a few things I’ve found around as I start back up the series.


Dramas starting this week that I’m interested in: The Secret Life of My Secretary, Abyss (6), Save Me 2 (8)

Music I’ll be checking out: Eric Nam (8), Henry, Xiumin (9)


-Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is out of the military and has accepted his first role: Melt Me, a sci-fi romcom. I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably watch the first episode, even though it sounds super weird.

-Death Note the Musical

I grew up performing, and currently work professionally in theatre, so it will always be an interest of mine. I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to find Asian-entertainment theatre news. I created a hashtag #wkdtheatre on twitter to keep all of it in a central location. I’ll be adding what I find around the web (whether it be news or random videos) on a semi consistent basis. It’s a little harder to find because of the language barrier, but I’ll try to keep it up.

-Pop Culture

Interesting read about the effects of pop culture and how it has become something that is a chore just to be able to be part of the conversation and feel included. It relates heavily to us as drama watchers and how you can feel ousted when you aren’t watching (or don’t like) what the popular show is and it’s effects on their ability to be part of true conversations.

-Fin.K.L Variety Show

There’s probably no way I won’t be watching this variety show. Fin.K.L has a place in my heart with Forever Love. Let’s also be honest, there is very rarely a time I’m not down with watching a variety show.

-MBC Mon/Tues Dramas

MBC has decided to get rid of the Monday/Tuesday (as well as the Saturday) drama slots after seeing drops in viewership. This effects us less as International viewers (who already have delays on airings because of subs, etc), but could lead to unexpected effects.

-Ladies Code Comeback

I love, love, love Ladies Code. Sure, we got a Christmas song and I loved both Sojung and Ashley’s solos, but I’ve wanted more, 2016’s Myst3ry was the last comeback. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.


And in news that I knew would happen but still breaks my heart, Hani and Jeonghwa have decided not to renew their contracts with Banana Culture, putting EXID in “hiatus” after their May comeback. I’m excited for the future solo releases, but will be sad to not see them together. I don’t have any strong hope in them producing anything past this comeback together.


Epik High did a video with Buzzfeed about “Their First Times” and it’s just as amazing and hilarious as you would expect from them:

Heechul finally has a solo out, Old Movie. He legitimately has a great voice, I just don’t understand why it’s taken this long.

Slightly obsessed with Reol’s song, Gekihaku:

I also became a huge fan of Band Maid (seriously, where have I been??). Here’s their newest song, Gion-cho:

Park Bom’s new song, 4:44 came out a couple of days ago: