I usually stick with one show and marathon it, but I do have several shows that I'm currently watching, usually it's because it is currently airing, or the show is slow enough to not keep my interest to watch more than a couple of episodes at a time. This does not include shows that I've started and don't have any interest to come back to.

Variety Shows

  • Home Alone
  • Running Man
  • Return of Superman
  • Happy Together
  • Hyori's Homestay
  • Busted!

Korean Dramas

  • Quiz From God - Season 4
  • Black
  • Sketch (currently airing)
  • Something in the Rain
  • Live
  • Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog
  • Miss Hammurabi (currently airing)
  • Come and Hug Me (currently airing)
  • Flower Boy Next Door

Japanese Dramas/Animes

  • Evangelion (rewatch of series)
  • Violet Evergarden
  • Love Affairs in the Afternoon