music mondays: 10.7.19


‘tis the beginning of the month of insanity, and it’s already hitting hard. Here’s some of the music I’ve been liking, there will be plenty more considering it’s only the first week of October .

-Jackson Wang’s ‘Bullet to the Heart’ is soooo good. Like, repeat multiple times a day good. The song is really great, but the mv really adds a whole other level to it.

-I’ve been slowly going through Ken Kamikita’s older music and videos and stumbled upon his cover of Radwimp’s ‘Nandemonaiya’. He does some great covers, I really love his voice.

-It’s really no surprise that AKMU’s newest comeback was perfect. ’How Can I Love the Heartbreak…’ is beautiful. The whole album is definitely worth a listen. But we all expected this from AKMU.

-Been really into Miyuna’s ‘缶ビール’ this past week.

-Men Envy Children came out with a new mv for ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’. Their music is always so much fun, I really haven’t found a Men Envy Children song I haven’t liked.

-I still love all things Dreamcatcher and won’t stop promoting. My favorite reactors, Classical Musicians React (React to the K), reacted to ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Silent Night’. It’s worth a watch if you are into music, because they point out a lot of the stylistic music elements that are present in the songs.

-Watch as DAY6 tries to guess the lyrics on some songs…but really it’s just Jae answering them.

-TK from Ling tosite Sigure came out with ‘Melt’ featuring suis from Yorushika. I’ve always liked TK (and Ling tosite Sigure) and you should all know how I feel about Yorushika, so there really was no surprise when I saw this collab that it wouldn’t be good.

-Dami is amazing and perfect and now the first of the girl’s to put out a solo that isn’t just a cover AND it’s written by her. Go listen to it’s beauty on repeat, please.

-Who doesn’t want to watch more Monsta X and Oli content?

-Super Junior hasn’t even officially comeback yet and they are gracing us with mvs like this one? Stop it.

music mondays: oh hey, october

music mon 2.jpg

It’s the first of the month, and instead of telling you the music I’ve been listening to this week I figured that with this month looking to be a death to us all I would tell you my favorite music videos from some of the groups/soloists that I’m super excited for that will be doing comebacks.

-Super M

Since Super M is a new group, I just picked my favorite from the seven. Spoiler alert: it’s Taemin. I really enjoy all of SHINee’s music, as well as Taemin’s solo work, but ‘Day and Night’ just takes the cake in being one of my all time favorites. I feel like if you have any sense in my music taste, you’ll know why.


While I’m not on the same bandwagon with ATEEZ as everyone else is (I’m getting there, friends. I am but one person I’ll get there soon), I do still enjoy the group and am excited for their comeback. I really like ‘Wave’ as a fun summer song. Which still fits, since it’s been in the 90’s here.

-Ladies Code

Ladies Code is one of my top girl groups, and a group I’ve been following for a really long time, I heard their debut ‘Bad Girl’ fairly close to their debut. While it was during my years of following kpop very casually, I’ve always kept up with them in some fashion. ‘The Rain’ is such a great song, and one of my favorite comebacks that I was actively around for.

-Super Junior

‘Evanesce’ is not only my favorite Super Junior song, it is one of my all time favorite kpop songs. It’s so good the way the song builds, and all of the guys really do a great job capturing the emotion of the song. Kyuhyun/Ryeowook’s part at 2:37-2:56? I DIE.

-Monsta X

Monsta X’s songs are hard to pick a favorite for, because my list is long and love them all. ‘Gravity’ is currently my all time favorite, but it doesn’t have an MV so I had to pick a different one for this list. If you haven’t listened to ‘Tropical Night’ you are missing out. Kihyun in a lower register, Jooheon’s rap is insane, Shownu being the weird dork that he is, Hyungwon being especially extroverted…it’s a just a good video all around.


‘Twenty-Three’ is my go to IU song. I just love it so much. It’s a lot of fun, and think the MV really portrays the lyrics really well.

-Brown Eyed Girls

We were promised this comeback at the beginning of the year, and then JeA came out with her solo, but it’s finally happening and I can not waaaaait. It’s really hard to pick a good MV for them, because they are all good but ‘Sign’ is a classic. And it stars a young Ryu Deok Hwan, bonus!


I’ll admit that while I haven’t done a full deep dive into DAY6 and listen to them casually, I still really enjoy a lot of what they put out. ‘Shoot Me’ is currently my favorite of theirs.

music mondays: 9.22.19

music mon 1.jpg

I realized I had a lot of videos to talk about for my normal news posts and with this week being a heavy comeback week as well, I thought doing a separate post would be best to keep the regular news post not as long. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate more music centered posts on the blog. I listen to a lot of music that most of my timeline doesn’t and am always wanting to promote it more. Maybe this will become a regular thing? I’ll keep these videos to music related or centered ones, and anything else (such as behind the scenes and interviews with actors) can end up on my regular news posts.

On to the videos!

-Super Junior released their ‘Somebody New’ music video to gear up for their comeback in October. I’m a long time fan, and I really liked this video as well as the song. It was nice seeing (almost) the entire group back together again after finishing up military.

-Radwimps released the (Weathering With You) movie edit version of ‘Festival’ featuring Miura.

-Dreamcatcher released ‘Deja Vu’, their song that was in collaboration with the game, King’s Raid. I’m not lying when I say I have been playing this on repeat every day. I love Dreamcatcher, and this song does not disappoint.

-The game developers also released a version of the song set to game scenes.

-Punch is always someone I consistently love their music, but ‘Sometimes’ takes the cake in my favorite types. Coffee house + R&B fusion. Love it.

-Sometimes the internet gives you wonderful things, and one of those is NCT ruining Twilight. This is part three in the series, and it’s fantastic even if you don’t follow NCT.

-Earlier this month Kenshi Yonezu released ‘Uma to Shika’. I’m late to the game with him, but I’m in love with this song and his voice.

-Monsta X released their self-cam MV of ‘Breathe for You’. I’ve always liked this song, and Monsta X is always adorable and awkward in their self-cam videos.

-Amber Liu has already released new music after leaving SM. ‘Hands Behind My Back’ is gorgeous and haunting. I really feel like this was the perfect step in transitioning into music not as an idol part of a major label.

-Yonige is a Japanese duo that I don’t follow closely, but have enjoyed their music in the past. They just released a music video in collaboration with the movie おいしい家族 (My Father the Bride, I think?). I really like the vibe of this song, it would be good for the summer.

-KARD released their newest single, ‘Dumb Litty’. I really like the song, I don’t know what about it really gives me some 2NE1 vibes. The video is also great.

-Youtube really gets me when it comes to music, and when Ai Higuchi’s ‘Zensen’ was in the recommended I knew that I would probably like it.