Certified Genres: Variety

We were a little bit loose this week and didn’t have anything planned to watch, so we ended up with a new monthly feature. We listed a bunch of genres, picked one out of a jar, and discussed our favorite show from the genre. We drew variety shows this week:

We also spent some time discussing what we have been watching. Happy listening!

Time Codes:

:00 Intro

1:23 What we are watching

42:36 Genre game #1: Variety

1:18:00 Outro

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books. dramas. wine.

One thing that may not be known about me is that I’ve had a Youtube channel for a very long time. It has gone through it’s ups and downs of times of activity. My channel started as a weight loss channel, and even though I added some other things along the way (vlogs, and a few attempts at different content that never stuck), I just couldn’t get back into it like when I first started it. For the past two years, I’ve done little to nothing on the channel. I just stopped making things.

I focused more on the wkd twitter account, sometimes this blog, and then the majority of the rest of my free time went to the podcast. Inherently, it takes a lot of time to keep up with the podcast. We have shows we watch for specific episodes, and top that with the other shows I watch along with editing episodes, a lot of my time has gone to that. I’ve stopped doing some of the things I love in favor of it. Which was fine, for a while, but I’ve been wanting to find a way to do the podcast but also work on my creative things. I wanted to make videos again, I just didn’t know how. Weight loss videos were not my thing anymore. They didn’t help me creatively, and were slightly negative to my mental health. But there was this nostalgia attached to the channel only being about that for as long as it has been that was preventing me from moving on.

Until after one random chat with the Noonas where we were discussing Pride and Prejudice, it clicked. Along with not doing videos, I’ve also stopped reading as much as I used to. Reading has always been a love of mine, but it is always the first thing that I will give up in favor of other interests. Throughout the years I’ve wanted to get back into finding myself lost in a good book and being able to incorporate times of reading even while doing other things. So I suggested a book club. It was something that I wanted to do, but knew that the other ladies were already into reading I thought suggesting it would be good. I get to read more, and it can be combined with the podcast, it seemed like the perfect way to mesh what I wanted to do together.

book club announcement.jpg

And then, as most random plans do (and our moment of collective motivation to do everything), I was thinking about fun things that this book club meant I mentioned a fun bookish video idea. In reality I’ve been wanting to incorporate book videos into my channel for a while, but it just felt weird if they weren’t on topic or it being the sole purpose of the channel. I watch a lot of booktube, and I’ve always thought how much it is similar to the drama watching community. We all have dramas to be watched, books to read. We all have our favorite genre, we jump at giving recommendations to anyone and anything. That’s when it kind of clicked.

So, here I am officially introducing my new channel direction where I combine my love of dramas, the want to make the time for books, and the need to work on videos again. It feels nice to have finally found something that I’m excited for. It just seems like I’ve been throwing ideas at a wall for such a long time, and having none of it stick, and then this happened so naturally and seems like so much fun. I had a good time with my old videos (10 years!), but it’s time to do something different.

So, if you are like me and really love Asian dramas and also books follow along here. Here’s to new and fun projects!

Certified Wandering Earth

This week on the podcast we talked about the Chinese movie, The Wandering Earth, a sci-fi/end of the world/destruction film that was a mega hit when released in China, and did well in the screenings internationally. It currently sits at #3 on the top grossing movies of 2019.

Netflix acquired the rights to the movie, yet released it quietly. In the episode we talk about why we liked the film, why Netflix is promoting it the way they are, and talk about the author of the book it was based on:

This episode is under an entire “spoiler alert” so go watch the movie and come back to listen!

Podcast: Certified Trot

The first week of the month we dedicate our episode to music, and this week we chose to talk about trot.

If you aren’t aware of what trot is or just haven’t dived into it, hopefully this episode will spark your interest in this music genre. Kpop isn’t the only music coming out of Korea that you should be listening to.

For all the music episodes I make a massive Youtube playlist to accompany it. Any video that we talk about (that is available to find) is in the list, in order. It really helps if you want to see the clips we are referencing, or the music we individually like. I also threw in some extras at the end:

We also have a Spotify playlist:

Time Codes:

:00 What watching/news/coming up

25:07 Game

27:52 Trot talk

Podcast: Certified First Loves

I promised myself that I would start updating this blog once I got off contract and can dedicate more time that is usually spent doing my actual job, and here I am. Success!

As you probably know, I’m part of the podcast The Certified Noonas. We post an episode once a week (on Mondays), and we’ve been working hard on it for the past 6 months. It’s a lot of fun, but a good bit of work (even with four of us total), so naturally I want to share that work. I’m going to try to remember to post about it every week.

This week we watched and discussed the first 8 episodes of My First First Love on Netflix, starring Jisoo, Jung Chae Yeon, and Jung Jin Young. The rest of the cast can be found here.

Along with talking about those episodes, we also played a game of MASH but with a twist. I was cracking up while editing that part, it’s probably our best game yet (even though I’m obviously biased).

Listen to the podcast here (spoilers are listed in the time codes below, but we do talk about all 8 episodes):

Time Codes

:20 What looking forward to in May

15:09 MASH

29:17 First First Love talk

38:12-38:41 First Time spoiler

1:17 Outro

Kdrama Newbie

I rarely post anything in this blog, so it’s not surprising that I haven’t made an actual announcement that I am on a podcast, but chances are you are coming here from twitter and already know that I’m part of the podcast Certified Noonas. Our last episode we strayed from our normal content and decided to do an episode dedicated to being a kdrama newbie. We talked a bit about some of our own personal tips and tricks with navigating this new world you may have found yourself in.

In the episode we discuss a ton of different things and figured that a sole blog post dedicated to all the links that we mentioned might be easier than just looking through the description on the episode.

The Certified Noonas massive list of all our specific links (including our personal twitters and social media for the podcast) can be found here.

Places to track your drama viewing: My Drama List, TV Time

Podcasts Mentioned: Drama Kandy, Noona Ya Business, The KThree, Fall for It. All of those podcasts are active on twitter, so make sure to check them out for more content.

Drama Current’s website and their twitter for the monthly #kdramachat.

Immy’s Daebak KPOP Radio and their twitter. The radio show happens every Sunday, but she uses twitter to get requests in, so follow both!

Youtubers: Outspoken Artistry and React to the K

After doing the podcasts, we realized there were some people and sites we left out, but I think this is a good initial introduction into some things that people may not have known about. Who knows, a part 2 might happen in the new year…